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Glee Club Facebook Edtion || Brittany Overshares IV

  • Brittany S Pierce posted on Santana Lopez' wall - "San, you're not responding to my texts and i need to know what you meant by 'you dont need to wear clothes to come over' should i really just come naked? I don't think you want anyone else seeing me with no clothes on but maybe it's one of your new obsessions, like when you wanted to dress up like a cop and spank me. Text me baccccck!! I wanna come over"

  • Noah Puckerman:

    Holy shit, i've got some awesome new visuals to jerk off to right here.

  • Quinn Fabray:

    Puck you're disgusting.. but i definitely approve of the mental images!

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  • Rachel Berry:

    Quinn i don't think i feel comfortable with you thinking about Brittany and Santana having sex..

  • Sam Evans:

    Why not Rachel? It's basically the same things as porn... just live porn.

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  • Noah Puckerman:

    Im giving you a bro high five in my mind right now dude.

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  • Artie Abrams:

    Britt why didn't you ever dress up for me!?

  • Tina Cohen Chang:

    Face it Artie, she only used you to get San jealous, lezbereal here.

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  • Mercedes Jones:

    Hold up, Sam you best not be thinking of anyone other than me. You only just got out of the dog house, you really wanna go back in there?

  • Sam Evans:

    Will i get spanked if i go back in the dog house? ;)

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  • Santana Lopez:

    How is it that i leave the room for 5 minutes and already you all have commented on this. Brittany please wear clothes too my house, i'll remove them when you get here. Also, the cop thing...umm.. i think you were dreaming..

  • Brittany S Pierce:

    No i wasn't! I have pictures, i can post them if you want?

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  • Santana Lopez:

    NO BABY NO!!!

  • Noah Puckerman:


  • Mike Chang:

    Tina why did you like that..

  • Rachel Berry:


  • Quinn Fabray:


  • Santana Lopez:

    Damn it Berry keep your girl on a leash, I'm used to Puck wanting a piece of me but Quinn? Damn!

  • Brittany S Pierce:

    Um am i the only one not okay with this right now?

  • Rachel Berry:

    I'm right there with ya Britt.

  • Quinn Fabray:

    Just being honest... sorry guys <3

  • Brittany S Pierce:

    Well if you touch my girlfriend i'll kill you, just being honest.

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  • Noah Puckerman:

    Cat fight, Santana in a cop outfit, Brittany Naked... damn today is good day.

  • Kurt Hummel:

    I should have stopped reading after i saw Sam asking to be spanked....

  • Blaine Anderson:

    Nothing wrong with that ;)

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  • Sue Sylvester:

    Pedo Will approves of this powder keg of sexual deviance.

  • Brittany S Pierce uploaded a new photo album - "Halloween or just another night at home?"

  • Santana Lopez:


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